How we work

We are organized

On the day of your move our professional removal men will call to let you know they are on the way and inform you of any unforseen delays such as traffic incidents. Upon arrival they will check over your goods to be removed and sort and order them for packing and loading onto the removal van

Small goods are usually loaded first. These include small boxes, Bags, Bin liners and so on. Once all your small goods are loaded onto the van and strapped in place larger furniture such as beds and sofas will be loaded, packed, covered and strapped to insure a save transit.

Towards the final half of the removal van we usually load kitchen appliances such as cooker, Fridge freezer and so on.

Garden and shed removal

The final things to load onto the removals van will be the most tricky. Garden furniture, Bikes, Plant pots, Gardening tools and so on. We say tricky as these things can't often be boxed and stacked like your household goods. These are the things that can take up much of the space on the final half of the removals van.

Removing Garden furniture and plants can be a messy business especially in winter. We do recommend that if your garden is soggy with mud you move the garden furniture away from muddy areas a few days prior to your removal date. See our Moving tips page for more handy hints.