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10th May 2015
Gainsborough House removal
gainsborough House removal
4th June 2015
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Selby house removal

Selby house move

House move in selby

This weekend saw us taking a removals trip from Goole in East Yorkshire to Selby in North Yorkshire. Our good reputation in Selby is spreading as  this is our fifth Selby house removal this month. Today was a long day but the sun was shining and the family who were moving home were a great bunch of people. In our line of work you see all kinds of houses but the house in Selby was as stylish as they come.

House removal in Selby

The house in question was Sakura House in Osgodby, Selby North Yorkshire. A modern newly built 4 bedroomed house with gardens and summer house. We see some nice houses on our travels but this was the perfect family home.
All in all a great day and the family moving in were delighted with the service we gave and left us a glowing free index review.

Selby garden

Summer in selby

End of the day in Selby

It wasn’t just the house we fell in love with. One of our staff made a very special friend.