In order for terms and conditions to be in place and part of the contractual process between a customer and an organisation each term or condition of trade must be deemed reasonable for both parties. By signing to these you are agreeing that the following is amicable and correct.

Trading terms
1) We provide all our customers one of two prices within the local area. We offer a variable hourly rate which will include a minimum amount of working hours and a fixed price. Details of service and offer are below:
– Hourly rate, includes staff labour and a vehicle specifically equipped for moving.
– Fixed price, Includes staff labour, full removal and goods in transit insurance, and a vehicle equipped for moving.
The hourly rate is started from the vehicle yard until the customer is in their property with all their personal effects.
Additional costs can be added to the fixed price removal if we have any time where we cannot carry out our work such as transfer of keys, mortgage transfer of money, etc. This is usually based on our hourly rate price and is charged per hour of waiting time as we cannot carry out any other business In this time with a loaded vehicle.
2) Insurance also can be given either way to our customers they can have the option to pay it prior to the days work starting out at £70 on top of the hourly rate however we do incorporate this cost factor into our fixed price removals.
– Insurance covers customers for loss, breakage, and staff negligence on the day
Insurance terms in detail
For us to insure you we must make reasonable assessments and as a customer you may be asked for the following
3) To ensure the property is a safe working environment and the staff have enough room to manoeuvre, and any fixtures that inhibit us to do our job are removed
4) All items are packed sufficiently and protected ready for transport if not any insurance taken out is void.
5) Any items that are due to be taken from the property that are connected via Gas, Electricity, or water and/ or the property they are within are not covered if these are not disconnected prior to the date of removal.
6) Flat pack furniture isn’t covered by us as its sole purpose is to be assembled once and these items don’t like to be moved in anyway or re-assembled for a second time.
7) Items on the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the driver on the day of the removal it is his responsibility to ensure a safe and well packed load. This may mean that certain harmful materials cannot transit such as Gas bottles, chemicals, paints, explosives, firearms, ect

However if we are paid to pack any house and remove contents and relocate we cover everything we pack. Packing is usually an additional charge however we can only insure goods that we have packed. This is due to our skills, experience and knowledge of packing and removals.

Ways to ensure your items are 100% safe and transport ready.
1) Ensure fragile items are clearly labelled
2) Wrap items with bubble wrap / packing paper
3) Place protective covers onto mattresses, and bed bases
4) Wrap all mirrors and wooden decorative items
5) Un plumb all white goods and securely tie up any wiring or pipes
6) Dismantle / Break down any flat pack items
7) Ensure everything is in a packing box such as lampshades, chandeliers, ornaments, etc
8) Any issues or items with defects need pointing out to a member of staff to ensure safety
9) Table tops and surfaces should be wrapped with pallet wrap and/ blankets
10) Any sentimental items or extremely fragile belongings may be better within a car for your peace of mind.


  • A deposit is requested in some cases and this deposit will secure a specific time and date if that removal is to cancel anytime within the last 7 days prior to the move our company would loose any opportunity to book any work in the space of your booking thus we can take 100% of any deposit given. However if the job is shuffled or cancelled prior to 7 days prior to the move A STAR REMOVALS must accommodate you and try to facilitate your booking.


Our payment methods

  • Payment in advance through BAC’s payment
  • Or cash on delivery